Co-Founders Mackenzie Brittingham Sumrall, and Nardos Imam

Co-Founders Mackenzie Brittingham Sumrall, and Nardos Imam

Couture Bridal Gowns & Bridal Boutique

Nardos Imam

Nardos Imam was born and raised in the Northern African country of Eritrea. From an early age, Nardos was enamored by the art of dressing. It was more than just a love of playing 'dress up', the then aspiring designer carefully watched how her mother, a successful seamstress, brought garments to life through her precise stitching. She would flip through vintage issues of Vogue and admire the craftsman of the garments that adorned the models. She would also take her mother's fabric scraps and create gowns for her dolls; hoping to emulate the couture threads she saw in magazines.

Nardos' parents had dreams of their daughter pursuing a degree in the medical field. After graduating high school, they sent her to the U.S. to pursue a degree in Nursing. After just a few months into the Nursing courses, she quickly realized that she could not ignore the images of couture gowns that danced in her head from her childhood memories. She went on to obtain a degree in Fashion Design and Apparel. Since then, Nardos has gained international recognition with her custom bridal and evening collection and continues to produce stunning pieces for her clientele.

Mackenzie Brittingham Sumrall

When Mackenzie was a young girl, she dreamed of a truly spectacular wedding gown. As she began shopping for her own wedding gown, but became discouraged after traveling across the globe to shop at some of the world's finest retailers. Mackenzie felt that no one would be able to execute the design she had in mind- until she met Nardos Imam. After working closely during the design of her own wedding gown, Mackenzie grew to appreciate Nardos' design and passion for making women feel beautiful.

MacKenzie attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and received a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. The duo decided to combine their ideas and launch Nardos Imam, LLC. With Nardos' eye for design and MacKenzie's affinity for business, the two have launched their first collection in the Fall of 2013.