Custom Wedding Gowns

Start with a Sketch

Creating your own custom luxury wedding dress will not be like any other shopping experiences; we won’t take a dress and try to make it fit your specifications- we let you design your dream. It is our objective to take the vision you’ve had since you were a little girl, and sketch that into a reality. The initial process in designing always starts with the designer, Nardos, learning about the client’s personality. She cues into the emotion that the client expresses when describing what they want, and sketches options for them to choose from.

Sketching, for me, is a marriage between a vision, and artistic expression. I love that I can bring that life for women.
— Nardos Imam, Designer of Nardos Imam

Fabric & Embellishments

Once you’ve confirmed your sketch, we will help choose what fabrication to use. Fabrications come from the world’s finest mills, in a vast array of colors. With lace assortments, the options are endless. Anything from Alençon, and Chantilly, to Guipure and beaded laces- we can create absolutely anything you have in mind. For evening gowns, we can dye fabrications and lace to match accessories, fur and even jewelry.
If you have a certain pattern of beading you want for your custom bridal gown, we can design and hand-sew it in-house. At the atelier, we have swatches for you to draw inspiration from, but will allow your creativity to flourish based on your design.

Muslin Fitting

Ancient dressmakers used to test the pattern of the garment using something called “muslin”. At your first muslin fitting, you will try on a white, thin, cotton garment made from a gauze-like cloth. This is a shell of your gown. The actual dress will be cut to the specifications and dimensions of your figure.
At this time, Nardos, and her team of seamstresses will be able to note whether you want the neckline, back, bust, hip or waist adjusted. This procedure is specifically for the fit of the gown. Beginning with muslin is key for couture, luxury wedding dresses; this is a method that the earliest design houses used, and still use today.

Your Custom Gown

After completing your muslin fitting, you will go through a series of fittings with your actual gown. Having a custom wedding dress, that is made-to-measure, is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. From the sketch to sewing the final stitch on the hem, we make it our goal for you to feel beautiful in your unique bridal gown.

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