10 Signs You're a Southern Bride

            There are weddings, and then there are southern weddings. Not only is our hair big-our bridal parties and expectations are too. It doesn't matter if you hail from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio or even El Dorado, there's just something different about the way we do things. So saddle-up, and ride along as we break down the 10 tell-tale signs of a true southern bride. Images via Pinterest .

1) You have seen this photo 'pinned' and now need to re-enact this for an impromptu portrait session. Plus, it's an excuse to wear a tulle skirt. 

2) You wear boots to at least one of your showers, brunches or your rehearsal dinner. Either way, these bad boys are making an appearance. 

Southern 3.jpg

3) It was too difficult choosing which girlfriends were going to be bridesmaids, so you chose your entire pledge class, now forcing your groom to do the same.

Southern 4.jpg

4) Having an 8-foot wedding cake is basically the only kind of cake that will suffice. 

Southern 5.jpg

5) Strategically, you've planned your wedding from the months of October through February, hoping to wear fur for that classic bridal shot. 

Southern 6.jpg

6) There is just no such thing as 'too much monogramming'. You would even monogram a list of things to monogram if it were possible. 

Southern 8.jpg

7) There is also no such thing as 'too many flowers'. You want your guest to feel like they are in a garden, that happens to serve amazing appetizers and host a live band. 

Southern 7.jpeg

8) Kim Kardashian might have gained international recognition for changing into 3 different gowns, but we've been planning on doing that since we were 9. You can't possibly make it into your getaway car in the same gown that you walked down the aisle in, can you?

Gown by Nardos Imam, photo via Style Me Pretty

Gown by Nardos Imam, photo via Style Me Pretty

9) Oh, but we must mention that at least one of the gowns should be lace, because it's classic, and beautiful. Plus, our mother and our mother's mother wore lace too. 


10) Mason jars are a must. Whether they are for storing candles, flowers, center pieces or even hanging upside down as rustic-chic lighting, they are somewhere to be found.